Refund Policy

Refund Policy

By signing the agreement electronically or otherwise, you are agreeing to adhere to all that is written within and here after. 

1A. Your party deposit is non refundable if you cancel your party any time after booking your party. 
1B. Should your party booking is valued at more than £1000 you will be required to pay off at least 75% of your party balance 14 days before your party takes place. 
1C. Parties booked by any business (Schools, Events Organisers, Venues etc) should make payment in full to our nominated account, details given upon request, within 5 days of the initial booking being made, failure to do so will result in the booking being cancelled unless further instruction is given.

2. If your party is cancelled within 14 days of your party taking place you will be immediately charged for the full outstanding amount of your party and will not be able to use this money towards another party date. 

Cancellations need to be sent in writing to

3. If you have not paid the full balance of your party 14 days before the date of the party then your booking shall be cancelled.

4. We do NOT accept cheques or card payments on the day of your party.

5A. In the event that staff members are kept waiting after they have packed their equipment away or because their party schedule has been prolonged because their routine was interrupted by unscheduled party additions, unusual circumstances or arrangements, unintentionally or intentionally caused by the customer or anyone else at the event that are not employed by Party Angels Group UK then a charge per minute (calculated by the cost of your party divided by the total duration of the party) will be added to your final bill.

This again, is to ensure that our staff members are paid for their time) If you would like us to allow time for food, party games, birthday cake etc, or would like time for you to participate in the party or have any other circumstance please advise the bookings department or email to ensure we are informed beforehand, we will then advise if it will be possible to include additions to the event.

Parking charges apply if you are unable to provide and pay for parking within close proximity to your home/venue on the day of your party. If a company vehicle has to park in away from your home address, without a parking permit or on a paid meter which you are not willing to supplement then the company reserves the right to issue you with an £90 fine to cover labour, fines and costs to staff members because on the day, it is essential that you inform us of parking arrangements so that we can ensure our staff members are prepared so that you do not get fined on the day of your party.

5C. Change of Venue Address: 1 Mile Away (free) £2 per mile after this 
5D. Change of Party Time: £30
5E. Change of Date: 30 days OR MORE - FREE, within 30 days - £50 Subject to availability.
5F. Change of Theme: OVER 14 DAYS FREE, LESS THAN 14 DAYS £50
5G. If more than 2 staff members are required per party then you will be charged £25 per extra member of staff. You will be required to hire 1 additional member of staff for 12 girls plus 1 extra member of staff per additional 5 girls over 15 girls. These charges are compulsory so that the quality of our services is not compromised.  

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